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We do Private pilot training without the high overhead.

 Individual flight training available, pilot ground school, Flight School 

We have a  Cherokee 140 for rent $110.00 per hour,  And the instructor is $35.00 per hour. Or if you own, or want to rent a different plane that is fine also. We have an FAA approved IFR simulator you can use for $30.00 per hour.
We suggest you complete your ground school training before you start your flight instruction so you are familiar with procedures before paying for expensive flying lessons. We can do individual ground school training here at Dallas Air Park. Or you can take a certified course on line like the one here. Click the link to Glem Below.


Additionally when you do start training in a rental aircraft, you pay for the time the aircraft is running, so if you are at a large airport like in Addison, you can be waiting in line to take off for 20 or 30 minutes. At our small airport we do not have any lines to wait in.

Bob Vondersaar Tel 512-308-7057

Private pilot training program

Learn to fly Aircraft for less, you can do it and get your private pilot license with individual training, similar to having your own private tutor. Or in a structured class environment, often referred to as 141 flight school or a flight academy. Certified flight schools are required to provide more facilities, pilots and aircraft, they usually cost more than private pilot instruction. We train Private pilots From Addison Texas, Denton Texas, and Carrollton Texas. We currently Guarantee your private pilot rating for $8000.00

It is possible to complete your training for $6500.00 if you can do it in the minimum time. Few people can do that although our flight simulator can help, students who use the guaranteed program use the flight simulator for free. They are also on a measured progress report and vigilant study and weekly training is required. 

Most schools charge $11,000. or more to cover that extra training time.

Learn how to become a professional Aircraft pilot, flying corporate jets, Airlines or helicopter.

Get the training you need to be an Airline Transport Pilot. Renting our plane and instructor you can get your ATP in 2 years, For $150,000.  that is 1500 hours of flying time. at $100.00 per hour.

Most  other schools will get you a commercial license for around $80,000. This gives you only 250 flying hours. Then it is up to you to get the remaining 1250 hours flight time working as a commercial pilot. (If you can find a job.) examples of jobs are, hauling freight, skydive pilot, pipeline patrol, charter pilot , photography, crop dusting, ext. The Airlines require 1500 hours to work for them and they are hiring all the pilots they can get, there is a major shortage.

If you would choose to prepay the this ATP $150,000. program, We would have one plane dedicated between 2 pilots in this ATP program to assure you do not delay your training, available 24/7 to you.

You can also get your commercial pilot license with us in 250 hours for around $30,000. if you choose that route, but it often takes 5 years or more to build the 1500 hours required by the airlines.

You must be 18 years old to get an ATP and mandatory retirement is 65 years old. Your time is valuable get started today.

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Join our flying cub for free. Connect with local flight instructors and meet future pilots here at Air Park. Check plane availability and prices. And get notice of our fly- ins and local news. Click the link below to sign up. We have 2 types of members for our flying club, those who rent the airplane and those want to purchase a plane and split the cost among 5 or ten people, 

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About PlaneOpilot

I have been working on my pilot training for over 40 years, I hope to give you some insight as to what not to do as well as what you should be doing to complete your pilot training. It all comes down to Time, Money, and commitment. You can start here for free rather than pay an instructor $75.00 per hour, to complete your private pilot ground instruction.

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Above you will find Everything you need except a headset to complete your private pilot training usually in stock here at planeOflyers $250.00 
We have some used headsets here they vary in price from $50 to $500

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