Become a Pilot

 offers flight training programs for the following certificates and ratings:

Private Pilot up to commercial pilot 

We can save you a lot of money over other pilot training programs, If you buy your own aircraft, rental is eliminated and you can build pilot time quicker. Or you can rent our aircraft and not have to deal with ownership.

You can train part-time to reduce your initial costs. The commercial pilot requires 250 hours and will cost $45,000. then you can work as a flight instructor or charter pilot, (if you can find a job) until you get 1500 hours and then you can get your ATP airline transport pilot rating. This usually requires 4 years or more to complete.

 Fastest Track to Airline Pilot.                       

We will put you through the Commercial pilot program above, and you will be training or flying 8 hours a day or more, after completing your Commercial pilot rating you can fly our aircraft or we will place you in available aircraft for as many hours as you want to fly and build that 1500 hours total time required quickly.  You will not sit around for days waiting on a 2-hour flight to pop up for you to build your time exercising your commercial pilot privileges for someone else. Plus you can fly yourself and your friends to destinations of your choice, not someone else's. Additionally, you will not have to struggle to pay back that student loan after you complete the commercial course by working at flight schools for 3 or 4 years. You could be done and in a well-paid airline seat in one year if you are motivated enough. 1500 hours divided 4 hours a day is 375 days.

We purchase one plane for 2 students, that plane is dedicated to those 2 students until they finish the program.

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